Stronghold Crusader
Stronghold Crusader
Developer(s) Firefly Studios
Publisher(s) Take Two Interactive
God Games
Platform(s) Mac OSX
Microsoft Windows
Release date(s) July, 2002
Genre(s) Real-Time Strategy
Game mode(s) Single Player
Multiplayer (IPX, TCP/IP or Modem)
Media 1 CD-ROM
Official Website

Stronghold Crusader (SHC) is the successor to Stronghold released July 2002.

The medieval mixture of city building and real-time strategy of Stronghold continues with Stronghold Crusader. The twist: this time it's the Europeans, led by the ruthless Richard I, invading Phoenicia and Palestine to confront the forces of Islam, led by the cunning Saladin. Players take command of either side and engage in fierce tactical combat including open field battles, sieges, and campaigns.

During the Third Crusade, Christian forces invaded the Holy Land, captured Jaffa, then stalled and failed to capture Jerusalem. They fought several bloody battles and countless skirmishes against Saladin, but neither side won a decisive victory. Eventually the cost of maintaining an army so far removed from Europe forced a peace accord and a withdrawal of forces from both sides. Saladin was made to sign the peace treaty, and re-allow access to the Holy Land for Jewish and Christian pilgrims.

Stronghold Crusader offers players a chance to control either side and rewrite the history book during four extensive campaigns. Utilize many of original Units and new units including: Assassins, Horse Archers, Slaves, Fire Ballista, Fire Throwers, Arabian Swordsmen, Slingers, Fire Throwers. A scenario editor allows the creation of new maps and missions, while the multiplayer options allow eight-player battles over LAN or the Internet.

There is also a Skirmish mode that allows you to fight against up to 7 enemies and have allies (computer and human alike) to become the ultimate ruler of the desert. Each player can request help and goods from their teammates, as well as play a set of pre-recorded taunts to intimidate their opponents.


Stronghold Crusader Buildings
Military Buildings
Stronghold Crusader Units
Barracks ArcherSpearmanMacemanCrossbowmanPikemanSwordsmanKnight
Mercenary Post Arabian BowmanSlaveSlingerAssassinHorse ArcherArabian SwordsmanFire Thrower
Engineer's Guild &
Tunneler's Guild
Portable ShieldCatapultFire BallistaTrebuchetBattering RamSiege Tower
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Stronghold Crusader / Stronghold Crusader Extreme Characters
Stronghold Crusader The RatThe SnakeThe PigThe WolfThe SultanThe CaliphSaladinRichard The Lionheart
Stronghold Crusader Extreme Emperor FrederickKing PhillipThe SheriffThe AbbotThe MarshalThe WazirThe EmirThe Nizar
Stronghold Crusader / Stronghold Crusader Extreme Game Modes
Single Player Skirmish TrailHistorical CampaignsCustom SkirmishCastle Builder
Multiplayer Skirmish


Stronghold Crusader is considered to be one of the most successful games of the Stronghold franchise. Its unique gameplay and setting was widely well-regarded among fans and players. Two sequels were spawned to both deviate from and carry on with the core gameplay:

  • Stronghold Crusader Extreme is an extended version of the base game, which introduces new mechanics to broaden gameplay experience.
  • Stronghold Crusader 2 brings its roots from the base game, while replaying the desert experience in 3D with the addition of new units, mechanics and characters.

Stronghold Crusader is often referred to as an anchor in discussions of later games' aspects and topics. The game has a solid fanbase even these days.


  • Operating System: Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP
  • Processor: 300mhz (550mhz+ preferred)
  • Memory: 64MB
  • Hard Drive: 850MB
  • Video: 4MB DirectX 8.1 Compatible
  • Sound: DirectX 8.1 Compatible
  • CD Rom: 8x Speed
  • Modem: 56k (for Internet Play)


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