Below is a list of Stronghold Crusader skirmish trail missions. For the desired mission, click on its link. 


Walkthroughs should only be used if you fail to complete the mission on your own!

The Call to ArmsEdit

Follow Europe's main army along the route of the first crusade and learn the ways of the desert.
New to castle building? This simple campaign will teach you the basics.

SHC - tcta Stronghold Heaven Stronghold Knights
Nicaea - Arrival in the Holy Land Sulis Knight
Heraclea - The Journey South Sulis Knight
Antioch - The Counter-Siege Sulis Knight
Krak de Chevaliers - The Siege of Arqah Sulis Knight
Jerusalem - The Final Assault Sulis Knight

Saladin's ConquestEdit

Drive the crusaders out of Palestine with Saladin's Arabian army before there power becomes too great.
Learn the way of the Arabic Fighters and how to use there special abilities.

SHC - sc Stronghold Heaven Stronghold Knights
Damascus - The Balance of Power Shifts Sulis Knight
Kerak - Reynald’s Treachery Sulis Knight
Aleppo - Consolidation of Power Sulis Knight
Horns of Hattin - Battle on the Hill Sulis Knight
Jerusalem - Retaking the Holy City Sulis Knight

The Kings' CrusadeEdit

Follow the kings of Europe in the third crusade and defend the realm from the devastating Arabian weaponry.
This campaign will teach you how to fight against the deadly desert warriors.

SHC - tkc Stronghold Heaven Stronghold Knights
Belvoir Castle - Delaying Tactics Sulis Knight
Tyre - Drawing the Line Sulis Knight
Konya - Frederick Barbarossa Sulis Knight
Limassol - The Conquest of Cyprus Sulis Knight
Jaffa - Recaptured Sulis Knight

Crusader StatesEdit

Fight your way through crusader states bringing arms to bear on the king's enemies. Learn the basics of Crusader play.

SHC - cs Stronghold Heaven Stronghold Knights
Kingdom of Armenia Sulis Knight
County of Edessa Sulis Knight
Principality of Antioch Sulis Knight
County of Tripoli Sulis Knight
Kingdom of Jerusalem Sulis Knight

Note: several missions have yet to add their own respective walkthrough.

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