Stronghold Crusader offers several single player modes to play in.

Skirmish Trail[edit | edit source]

Fight through 50 linked Crusader games, defeating both European and Arab lords as you progress for victory.

The Skirmish Trail is a long challenge of 50 preset missions, where you can test your skills against various AI players. The trail starts off as relatively easy, but increases in difficulty: first unfair advantages, later more opponents join the fray. Stronghold Warchest extends the trail to a total of 80 missions, offering new challenges and enemies.

The player has 3 chickens to skip unwanted or very hard missions in the trail, mostly for speeding progress. You can pick up a chicken if you complete the skipped mission later. 

For the list of Crusader skirmish trail missions, jump here.

Custom Skirmish[edit | edit source]

Skirmish with enemy lords (...) Build, defend, plan your strategy...

In Stronghold Crusader, not only you can play preset missions, but you can fight against different AI lords. You can forge alliances, randomize enemies and set starting conditions and other options. The game ends when only one team (or lord) stays alive.

Historical Campaigns[edit | edit source]

The historical campaigns are a mini-series of 5 campaigns each, which cover the historical events of the various Crusades. They feature:

  • the European conquest on the Holy Land, fighting against the Arabs and Saladin's forward armies,
  • Saladin's skirmish, where Saladin fought for the recapture of Crusader territories during the Third Crusade
  • the Kings' Crusade (also known as the Third Crusade), led by the three most powerful European rulers,
  • Crusader States, which is a fictional campaign demonstrating the infighting of the Crusader conquerors.

For the list of historical campaign missions, jump here.

Castle Builder[edit | edit source]

Build peacefully, with just the camels for company!

This game mode features a peaceful sim mode, where the player can build a castle peacefully, without the disturbance of adversaries. Peace maps feature an inhabitable land, where wild animals reside.

SHC - Skirmish.gif

In Castle Builder, players can also inject various events to make gameplay more interesting. A bigger collection of events also appear in custom skirmish maps.

Custom Scenarios[edit | edit source]

Design and play your own maps.  

This is the option with which Stronghold Crusader maps are made. A complete map editor is available at the player's disposal, granting the ability to make their own scenario. Feature enemy lords, include custom events and make use of many more options.

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