This is the development log for Stronghold Crusader 2. Each entry has its own source of information. For link tables see the original page.


February 2013:

- The first test gameplay had been executed, with the economics to have been next to work on. (Firefly, facebook)

March 2013:

- The economical system was complete and the speech/voice system close to completion (Firefly, facebook).

- The assassin (debuted in Crusader) is going to make a return in the game. Some more new units with special abilities are mentioned and another list of gameplay tweaks awaits to be revealed. (Firefly, facebook)

April 2013:

- Composer and musician Robert Euvino, author of the music for the Stronghold franchise, announced that he and his team was working on the numerous effects, which were needed for the large battle scenes (like screaming, shouting and so). (Firefly, facebook)

- Many characters from the original Crusader are going to make a recurrance, such as Richard the Lionheart and the Caliph. ( article)

June 2013:

- A show-off of the game did occur at the E3 conference in Los Angeles. During E3, a small library of screenshots were released and launched their refurbished fansite. (Firefly, SHC2 website)

- The multiplayer co-op mode and several other contents were revealed. (Polygon article)

- Active and passive skills on certain troops were revealed, along with a new unit: the war wagon, a supporting siege machine, which is used for transporting units. The new 3D engine is to introduce more realistic physics. ( article)

July 2013:

- Two new campaigns: a Crusader trail and a second, yet unrevealed one. (Firefly, Comm Q&A video part 3)

- Customizable skirmishes introducing the possibility of setting the day cycle of the match. (Firefly, Comm Q&A video part 4)

- Customizable starting troops coming in three options. (Firefly, Twitter: john's tweet, 26 July, unofficial)

August 2013:

- A summary of achievements and progress is released. (Firefly, facebook)

Note: All information above is inherited from Firefly's published content. All credit goes to Firefly Studios, Firefly Studios' websites, the Stronghold franchise and all the staff, who work on these games.

September 2013:

- Information about the Shah, a new AI character has been revealed (Firefly, official site)

October 2013:

- Firefly publishes its first gameplay video about the pre-alpha multiplayer.

- The Slave King, a unit-massing enemy is revealed. (Firefly, official site)

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