Just like its predecessor, Stronghold Crusader 2 offers several single player game modes, which the player can play themselves alone.

Skirmish TrailEdit

The Skirmish Trails are a series of missions, which put you against AI opponents in different maps and situations, just like in Stronghold Crusader. The preset skirmish trails are much shorter, consisting of 3 to 7 missions each. There is a total of 6 trails in the game (double the sum with DLC), which all start locked.

During skirmishes, the difficulty and the map layouts become harder as progress is made. Any mission can be replayed countless times. Completing a particular mission in the trail may open up a next skirmish trail. Unlike in Crusader, there are no chickens to skip missions.

A unique feature in the campaigns is the constellations, which shape the skirmish route. This is purely thematic and has no effect on gameplay.

For the list of Crusader 2 skirmish trail missions, jump.

Custom SkirmishEdit

It is possible to organize and create your own skirmish missions in the game. You can choose any map, participating AI players and starting conditions (gold and resource stocks). Numerous settings can also be applied to the game, such as toggling game events and trading options. The game lasts until the victorious player/team is left standing alone.

Sandbox Edit

Sandbox is Stronghold Crusader 2's castle builder mode. Here you can play and focus on building your domain without the interference of enemies. You also have a modest number of options to tweak the normally peaceful gameplay:

  • you can choose from a number of preset invasion armies, which randomly enter the map and test your defenses;
  • you can set automated events, which can randomly come in 4-5 different overall results (ranging from dreadful to welcomed);
  • you can add gold to your coffers to speed up building.
Stronghold Crusader 2 Game Modes
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