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Stronghold Kingdoms (SHK) is a free to play MMO published by Firefly Studios. The game made its debut in 2010. Firefly Studios has announced an open beta test for anyone who signs up at their website [1] Stronghold Kingdoms differs in many ways from the other Stronghold games; It is a slow-paced real time strategy game, with purchasable playing cards designed to give players different bonuses. Some of these bonuses include increased resource production, extra honour points, more research points, farming bonuses, among many more. Even in its alpha phase, the game had considerable depth with its vast technology tree, different village types, and castle design system.

The latest build of the game, version allows for players to create their own coat of arms and integrate it into various social networking sites. This version also introduced a new quest system that allows players to complete various tasks in order to earn in-game rewards.


The official website advertises the following features:

Build, expand and conquer villages as your power grows

  • Plan clever layouts for your villages to maximize their efficiency.
  • Many village types each bring advantages… mountain fortresses, coastal traders, plains etc.

Play alongside thousands of players in a persistent medieval world

  • Explore the game world in a zoom-able, fully interactive map.
  • Fight across real countries such as Britain and Germany.

Build mighty castles to crush invaders

  • Watch exciting real time battles.
  • Analyze your opponent’s castles for weaknesses and exploit them.

Explore a vast research tree

  • Tailor your research to your personal play style.
  • Specialize in trading, fighting, farming, spying and many more disciplines.

Build your own unique medieval lord

  • Rise through the ranks from humble peasant to mighty Baron and beyond.
  • Become a Sheriff, a Governor, or even King, as you and your faction strive for Victory.


  • Stronghold Kingdoms website
  • Stronghold Kingdoms Facebook page

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