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Stronghold Kingdoms (SHK) is a spin-off free-to-play sim MMO published by Firefly Studios. The game made its debut in 2010 and it is available on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.


Stronghold Kingdoms is a lightweight management simulator that plots the player in a large world map based on various real-world locations, in real time.


Each player starts out with a village that can be populated with buildings and defended by units. Villages are managed through two layers: the economic and military view.

  • The economic view represents a village's production through buildings. Buildings can be placed by spending resources, which is not instant and costs more for each successive building of the same type. Like in Stronghold, already built buildings are assigned workers that regularly produce resources that can be used to craft weapons, recruit units and build other buildings. Production rates and peasant influx is influenced by popularity. Recruited units remain in a village's troop pool until deployed elsewhere.
  • The military view is a square-shaped 'battlefield', where the owner can defend the village from attacks on the world map in an automatically resolved battle. In a siege, both players can place units, while the defender can build some structures too. The attacker's goal is to get a unit to the center of the map before exhausting their reserves from the outer edges of the map. Defensive structures can stall enemy advancement, as well as some stationary traps can be deployed to inflict huge damage.

Players can also research technologies that boost various aspects of the economy and military on a technology tree, by spending points. Most branches have multiple levels, which can be unlocked by spending more technology points and time.

A ranking system represents the player's progress in Stronghold Kingdoms. Each rank extends the player's capabilities and rewards them with tech points, additional village limits and resource stockpile limits. Ranking up can be done by spending gold and honor for the corresponding level.

The World Map[]

The realm is divided into counties, parishes and villages that have their own hubs and elected leaders. Villages represent player-controlled castles that can trade with other estates. Hubs are focal points for trade, as they store resources and gold vital for a player's progression. Parish hubs can boost production/military rates for each member of the parish.

Players can also send a squad of units to another location with the intent of grabbing random resource stashes, ferry resources between two locations or attack a target. Each party has a travel time that is dependent on tech level and party size. Attacks can be sent with the intent of stealing resources, destroying buildings or razing a village. Resolving a battle yields honor for the victorious side.

There is also an electory system that allows certain clans to claim leadership for the realm. Parish, county and realm leaders are elected through a majority vote that can be initiated with enough influence. Clans can ally and declare war on each other. Players can also make other player's their vassal for mutual benefits, such as parking defenders at another player's location and trade favourably. Each realm has an uptime of several months before victory is concluded for the current leader.


The official website advertises the following features:

Build, expand and conquer villages as your power grows

  • Plan clever layouts for your villages to maximize their efficiency.
  • Many village types each bring advantages… mountain fortresses, coastal traders, plains etc.

Play alongside thousands of players in a persistent medieval world

  • Explore the game world in a zoom-able, fully interactive map.
  • Fight across real countries such as Britain and Germany.

Build mighty castles to crush invaders

  • Watch exciting real time battles.
  • Analyze your opponent’s castles for weaknesses and exploit them.

Explore a vast research tree

  • Tailor your research to your personal play style.
  • Specialize in trading, fighting, farming, spying and many more disciplines.

Build your own unique medieval lord

  • Rise through the ranks from humble peasant to mighty Baron and beyond.
  • Become a Sheriff, a Governor, or even King, as you and your faction strive for Victory.


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  • Stronghold Kingdoms Facebook page

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