The multiplayer combat in Stronghold Legends is now more focused on combat then ever, with the addition of magical units, powers and while retaining the same defenses, with an addition of some new defense equipment, the player will have to both attack and successfully defend his castle. The strategies in SHL are many, from spamming ice giants to catapulting werewolves behind enemy lines to destroying the inside of the castle. However, those two tactics are frowned upon, because it is too simple and devastating, requiring almost no economy and being able to destroy enemy's castle with minimal losses.

Capture the Flag Edit

The Capture the flag (or CTF) is where the players all vie for control of territories. The more territories you own, the closer you are to victory.

Deathmatch Edit

The deathmatch is the basic form of Stronghold, with the kill the other player's lord before they kill yours gameplay.

Economic Edit

Economic gameplay is when the players all attempt to get to a certain economic goal, such as 10,000 gold or 100 swords. Players usually ban markets, as the buying and selling of things usually harms the "make it yourself" of the economic war.

King of the Hill Edit

The players all fight for control of the center of the map. The players start in one of the four corners of the map and sometimes have their keep and economic assets in a unaccessable valley. Then, in the center, a plot of land large enough for a barracks, seige camp, and special building such as the Round Table, Ice Tower, or Evil Tower.

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