Editing is a free activity to do in this public Stronghold wiki. Being an expanding site, Stronghold Wiki needs to be refurbished and supplied with fresh information. New content with quality is our main aim of the site, while trying to be flexible with rules. We do adhere to a number of normas. Try to create edits based on these rules as well.


This section covers the most basic rules of page edits. Refer to the Simplified Ruleset for details.

  • Use normal, grammatically correct sentences, if possible. This is not a chat-program: use capitalized sentences and punctuation.
  • Use headings when adding a different topic on a page with an appropriate title. If you want to add strategies to a mission (for example), give your part a title 'Alternate Strategies'.
  • When expanding an article, try not to add duplicate or uncorrespondent contents.
  • When adding media, try to position them so that they do not cover the whole page. The Image Policies page covers this topic.


All information is considered valid and plausible any way. Screenshots, tables, movies, etc. do not need to be attached to every edit, since most of them is based on game experience. The so called 'good faith' should be also presumed, when contributing: there are no general rules on the kind of information or content added.

External content

This is the only case, where the source of the outside information needs to be attached. A collection of links is preferred over individual links, which should be included in the end of the article. Use a table or a bulletlist with its heading for this purpose. You may mark the links between the 'ref' & '/ref' tags.

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.