An image can be used to explain things in the article that can't be expressed in words. An image should be used so that they don't make the reader bored with text-only articles.


Please note that an image should be uploaded with a reasonable name. Names consist of random numbers, general prefix, etc should not be used.

For some special case, a name format should be used:

  • Infobox, the format name should be: "(Article Name) infobox.png"
  • Character Portrait, the format name should be: "(Character Name) portrait.png"

Naming Advice

  • File extension should use lowercases (e.g. ".png", not ".PNG").
  • The file name should explain what is on the image.
  • The file name should use lowercase, except for names.
  • The file name can use a phrase or a clause (e.g. "The Wolf's triangle castle.png")


Images should use smaller resolutions in general, since an article barely covers a half of the screen's width. They need not to be formatted to fulfil the requirement(s) below, as they can be assigned a size through certain commands. Refer to the following:

  • Images with blur, corrupted pixels or other errors should be avoided.
  • Images should use typical sizes. Common sizes are 96x96, 320x200, 640x480, etc. If the picture has a custom size, it should be made a square rather than a rectangle (except for headers, galleries, etc.).
  • Templates typically use 200x200 (small) pictures.
  • Videos and clips may be varied. 335-350 pixels (or more) width is adequate.
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