This is the standard format for all building pages. See also: Stronghold Wiki:Layout Guide:Building sub-pages

An introductory line summarizes the type of a building with its name.


A short summary of the building's purpose and basic mechanics.


Contains detailed information about the building's behaviours, utility, etc. If the building appears in only one game, or even if it does appear in multiple games, retaining its core behaviour, a "normal" summary with paragraphs should be added. When the building behaves significantly different in various games, a tab-view should be used.

A tab-view is a togglable sub-module that displays the contents of one given page at a time. For this purpose, sub-pages with the given game(s) in the title should be created, like the example below:

  • "Building"/Stronghold Legends
  • "Building"/Stronghold 2, Crusader 2

Find a sample tab-view definition below, featuring the above two sub-pages:

 "Building"/Stronghold Legends|Stronghold Legends|false
 "Building"/Stronghold 2, Crusader 2|Stronghold 2, Crusader 2|false


If available, include useful and/or interesting facts about this building.


Include the respective building summary template(s) here. For example:




Note: please add category for this building by:

  • Where it is available, by choosing any or all of the following: Stronghold buildings, Stronghold Crusader Buildings, Stronghold 2 buildings, etc.
  • The type of the building, by choosing any or all of the following: Military buildings, Civilian buildings, Industry buildings, Castle buildings.
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