This is the standard format for all characters/AI pages.

The character's special quote goes here
— Name of the character, and when.

This section should contain a brief information of the character. Use the character template (template:Character box) in it.

Appearance and personality[edit source]

Details how the character looks like, as well as what personality they bear. ---- Without a borderling line or header, a tab-view should be added with the following contents (tabs):

  • Biography: the character's life and influence in games' story modes (campaigns)
  • Castles and strategies: the character's castles / economy / military arsenal (if they appear outside cutscenes)
  • How to deal with: a list of effective strategies that help beat this character

Trivia[edit source]

A list of facts and interesting stuff about the character's style, life, etc.

Images[edit source]

A list of pictures that are connected to the character.

Navigation[edit source]

Use the corresponding game character templates, based on where they appear:


Note: Please add respective categories by where the character appears, by choosing any or all of the following: Stronghold characters, Stronghold Crusader characters, Stronghold 2 characters, etc.

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