The Knights, or in wiki-style are Rollbackers, are helpers in maintaining the Kingdom or the Stronghold Wiki.

A Knight's responsibility[edit source]

Knights take over tasks that Dukes may not be busy with: cleaning articles and rolling back unnecessary changes. While not necessary powerful, the Knight can serve the Kingdom well, if one does not aspire for maintaining user rights and other edits.

Rolling back an edit might be needed to revert vandalism or small edits that were made by accident and the editor forgot about. The page could see extended amounts of false edits and that is when a Knight can come in handy.

Faith and goodwill[edit source]

Before committing an action, we should first assume that the editor had good reason for editing. Even if a page has drastically changed content or an imperfectly inserted text, it may be reworked or redone by the admins or other wiki editors to make it better. If an undisputedly malicious or wrong edit is encountered however, you can make sure that the rollback can be commenced without the need of a discussion. 

Also, rollbacks should not be used to exert power and influence if a dispute over editing emerges. Scores can be settled with a help of a Duke (administrator) or the King (bureaucrat).

Applying[edit source]

If you want to be a Knight, contact the staff. We happily accept any help possible.

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