Vandalism is defined as an intentional attempt to destroy a wikipage's content by removing valuable content, adding spam and unethic content.

Such activity hinders contributors in working and ruins previous content. Inappropriate content is instantly removed and results in further consequences. Vandals may be warned or prevented from editing. It should be noted that irrepairable pages do not exist, every edit can be reset.

The following activities are marked as vandalism:

  • Spamming and flooding
  • Emblems of despotic countries and people (does not apply to user-related pages though! Fun has its times.)
  • Racist, obscene, rude vocabulary and contents (treat it lightly)
  • Threatening and accusing other user without viable proof
  • Attempt to spread real-life political trends and visions (these can be discussed on other platforms)


Actions can vary from no action to a ban without notification, depending on the damage caused. 

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.