Action Quote Sound
Ready / selected We stand ready.
Sword s2

We salute you.

My lord?

Command us, sire.

I live to serve you.

Your command?

Sword s1
Sword s3
Sword s4
Sword s5
Sword s6


For valor!

To glory!

Sword m1
Sword m2
Sword m3
Invalid location There is no way.
Sword m4

Swordsman, attack!

Run them through!

Eat steel!

This is too easy.

Sword ATKW1
Sword ATKW2
Sword ATKW3
Sword ATKW4
Marching This armour is heavy!
Sword m5
Digging moat

Not in this armour.

Are you joking?

You dig in this weight!

Sword Moat1
Sword Moat2
Sword Moat3
Disband We are not needed?
Sword Disband1
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