Here are the quotes of the Bishop.

Action Quote Sound
Prepares for siege Watch, God's will will now be done!
Bs siege 01
Taunt 1 God's work will soon be done, I advise you to repent now of your sins!
Bs taunt 01
Taunt 2 You and your heretic followers will soon be judged!
Bs taunt 02
Taunt 3 My cause is a rightous one. My armies are marching for God himself.
Bs taunt 03
Taunt 4 My soldiers will soon deliver you from the evil cesspit of your own creation!
Bs taunt 04
Gains estate The church's estate grows ever stronger!
Bs gain estate 01
Player's buildings are destroyed Oh! Are your fortworks begin to crumble?
Bs vict 02
Defeats player I take no great pleasure of this, but this land must be cleansed!
Bs vict 04
Loses estate 1 Begone, heretic. How dare you steal the lands of the church?
Bs lose estate 01
Loses estate 2 These estates are the pastures of God. You will bury your soul for this heresy!
Bs lose estate 02
Player deflects attack How dare you resist the church? I will have you excommunicated!
Bs anger 01
Defeated What blasphemy is this?
Bs plead 01
Kills common enemy Another undoer meets his justice.
Bs boast 01
Falls as ally No, I cannot die, not now! I don't want to die.
Bs ally death 01
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