The Boy is a main character and the protagonist of Stronghold and Stronghold 3.

The Boy is impersonated by the player, who controls his military assets and manages economies. While his persona is left completely undescribed in Stronghold, his character is unveiled in Stronghold 3 through cutscene narrations, where he narrates the story with his own voice.


The Boy is a young soldier with a military lineage.

His servitude in the First War grants him a talent of leadership, both at economic management and military command. Although at first he is scolded by his mentors, he is nonetheless reluctant to carry out his orders and therefore very loyal to his superiors. He is determined yet silent in political affairs and meets the taunts of his enemies with cold indifference. The Boy feels deep hatred against the Wolf and is not hesitant to mortally wound him, haunting his mind ever since he encountered him.

In the Second War, the Boy's personality develops to that of a brash, yet fiercely straight one, ten years later. He is a humble warrior, who shows gentle feelings to the innocent and mercy for the guilty. His belief in the greater good and restoring order, and the hope of bringing peace, grants him a righteousness that emanates from his persona. His war weariness however takes the better of him, losing control and temper as he battles against numerous adversaries. The Boy does not favour killing over capture, however he fights like a lion to put down any dangerous foe. This volatile trait makes him prone to carelessness, not being wary in crucial moments.

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