Here are the quotes of the Caliph.

Action Quote Sound
Added to roster Infidel.
Removed from roster Infidel!
Prepares for siege Watch and learn, infidel!
Taunt 1 Let the siege begin! Take no prisoners! Kill them all.
Taunt 2 The vultures are gathering, they circle over your pathetic castle.
Taunt 3 My victory is at hand! The desert will run with blood, before this day is out!
Taunt 4 Prepare to die, infidel!
Deflects player's attack You are weak, infidel! My forces will ultimately bring you to your knees!
Player's buildings are destroyed Watch your back, knight! Watch your back.
Close to victory Death is too good for you! You deserve worse.
Defeats player They will fall before me, as you will soon!
Player deflects attack Argh! You test my patience! I will crush you yet!
Player destroys buildings What! You dare to invade my lands?! You will pay dearly for this!
Player closes with an army Remove your army from sight of my castle walls, at once!
Panicking Stay away from my lands, infidel! Stay away!
Defeated You have not seen the last of me! Infidel!
Requires goods I need goods. Send me the following.
Sends goods I have sent your goods.
Receives goods Your goods arrived.
Refuses to supply You ask for the impossible!
Agrees to attack Yes!
Refuses to attack (casual) No! You will not command me as your servant!
Refuses to attack (besieged) Do you take me for a fool, infidel?
Requests help The sons of pigs have me surrounded. Send me your fastest men!
Sends help Yet again, the Caliph must show you how to fight?!
Refuses to help (casual) I will not waste my men on you.
Refuses to help (besieged) Get yourself out of trouble.
Predicts victory as ally We do well... for all now fear the mighty Caliph!
Predicts defeat as ally Pathetic dog! You are losing us this war!
Kills common enemy Am I to dispose of all our foes? Well, I expect nothing else!
Player kills common enemy So you can fight a little. Well, fight a little harder!
Falls as ally Death comes for me. I am not afraid, but maybe you should be...
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