The Hermit
Hermit face
Personal Information
Real Name The Hermit
Nicknames The Quiet One
The Beligerent
The Calm
The Reasonable
The Thoughtful
The Open-minded
The Impartial
The Shy
Appears on Stronghold Crusader 2
Physical Information
Gender Male
Strategical Information
Difficulty Medium
Melee Troops Slaves

Slave drivers

Ranged Troops Arabian bowmen
Siege Engines Catapults


The Hermit is a character and AI opponent in Stronghold Crusader 2.


"The Hermit has no royal lineage, military background or status but does have control over an army. His economy relies on religion and his army consists of low-level soldiers that he has converted to his cause. His armies may not look impressive but he does know how to use them effectively. Underestimate him at your peril."


Little is known about the Hermit. He once was an inhabitant of the Holy Land, who was forced into hiding with his religious company from the invading Europeans during the Third Crusade. Deciding to fight back the invaders, the Hermit commands his humble soldiers into battle from underground, using the power of stealth and surprise. Visibly, the Hermit spent most of his life alone and isolated from the world.


The Hermit is an old and tall person, having grown a black beard but disposed of his hair. He wears a casual shirt and clothing, unlike most lords who favour plate armour and helmets. He is most often seen in a cavern, carrying a lantern as he has trouble with his sight. The Hermit's voice is weak and struggling, clearly indicating his old age, but it also grants him a bit of spooky appearance. He likes to speak in intimidating poetic pictures when taunting his enemies, but shows no extreme emotion towards them.

Castles and strategiesEdit

The Hermit is a cunning enemy, who runs one of the smallest economies, yet employs the nastiest harassment strategies.

The Hermit's castle designs are usually simple and akin to the Jackal's, featuring numerous watch towers and thin walling in a rectangular shape. Sometimes he erects an outer walling with curtain gatehouses to access. He runs a productive candle production but lacks bread or weapons industry. Arabian bowmen populate the walls and towers as basic defense.

As suggested in the description, the Hermit makes use of cheap troops and sneaky tactics. He heavily relies on Arabian bowmen for defense, but also uses a huge number of assassins that usually destroy granaries or other industrial buildings because of their ability to grapple onto walls. Slaves with boosting slave drivers are also frequently sent to set buildings on fire. Siege camp attacks are usually small, constructing a few catapults and mantlets to aid his footmen.


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