The Jackal is a character and AI opponent in Stronghold 3 and Stronghold Crusader 2.


"Everything about the Jackal is guarded from his appearance to his style of play. The Jackal is cautious and defensive, preferring to build a strong economy before risking to attack. When he does attack, his military style is similar to his old mentor, The Wolf, with a mixture of Crusader and Arabic troops. A dogged opponent."


Little is known about the mysterious figure of the Jackal. After the Wolf has been defeated and crippled by the Boy's affiliates in Stronghold, he has been taken to the Middle East by the Jackal, where he has escaped from certain death. The Jackal is very likely an apprentice of Duc Volpe, having learnt much from his military and economic prowess, which he now uses for his own advantage.


The Jackal is a tall and muscular person, who is used to the everyday heat and humidity of the desert. He wears little armour, restricting himself to covering his head with his helmet, symbolizing a jackal. He is a cold and counting person, just like the Wolf, but he lacks the delicate sarcasm and wit from his voice. He speaks with a sonorous tone and respects both his allies and enemies. The Jackal is hard to tip out of balance and as such, he proves to be a worthy opponent on the battlefield as well.

As a hardened desert warrior, the Jackal uses a scimitar, unlike the Wolf, who carries a sword.

Castles and strategiesEdit

The Jackal is a balanced enemy, who likes to strengthen his position before switching to a steamrolling strategy to overwhelm his opponents.

The Jackal builds more or less geometric, rectangular castles with distinguishable sections. They feature long but thin wall sections with periodic lookout towers, as well as a central ring around the keep. The Jackal hosts an extensive weapon industry and ale production inside, but protects it with a sporadically placed garrison of Arabian bowmen and crossbowmen, as well as some tower ballistae and mangonels. Sometimes the workshops and food producers are separated with walling and additional towers. Some Sassanid knights also strengthen castle patrols. 

High variety and numbers describe the Jackal's military. Like the Wolf, the Jackal makes use of a mixture of expensive mercenaries and cheap barracks units, but with more offensive potential and less bulkiness. He will quickly take the aggressor's role with never-ending swarms of Arabian bowmen, macemen and men-at-arms, as well as sending big groups of assassins to stealthily traverse the map into enemy territory. 

In well-prepared siege camp attacks, the Jackal brings durable Arabian swordsmen, Arabian bowmen and macemen into battle, sometimes with crossbowmen and men-at-arms. He likes to use trebuchets from a distance to destroy enemy structures, later backed up with some catapults.


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  • The Jackal's face can be seen through his visor, as his eyes and mouth are not entirely covered.
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