Here are the quotes of The Jackal in Stronghold Crusader 2.

Action Quote Sound
Added to roster Greetings.
Ja add player
Removed from roster *spits*
Ja kick player
Prepares for siege My troops are massing for an attack on our enemy.
Ja siege 01
Taunt 1 Let's see how you handle this. Advance!
Ja taunt 01
Taunt 2 Surrender now, save the blood of your men.
Ja taunt 02
Taunt 3 The omens are poor for you.
Ja taunt 03
Taunt 4 I am going to enjoy this, kill them!
Ja taunt 04
Taunt 5 Take no prisoners!
Ja taunt 05
Taunt 6 Let's see how your rubble fight against a proper army!
Ja taunt 06
Taunt 7 Surrender to me now, upstart, and I may be merciful with you!
Ja taunt 07
Taunt 8 Stop playing at soldiers, you'll get yourself hurt!
Ja taunt 08
Finishes castle Nothing surprises the Jackal! I am unsurprisable!
Ja extra 01
Deflects player's attack This is no place for you. War is for the dispossessed, the fallen of this world!
Ja vict 01
Player's buildings are destroyed Excellent! A hundred gold's sovereigns to the first man that gates the keep!
Ja vict 02
Close to victory Haha! My victory is complete.
Ja vict 03
Defeats player Death comes swiftly to those who cross the Jackal!
Ja vict 04
Attack deflected 1 I get no retreat order. Back to the walls, you insolent cowards!
Ja anger 01
Attack deflected 2 Arrrgh! With honest blessing, I will crush you yet!
Ja anger 03
Attack deflected 3 You again. I will tear out your living heart!
Ja anger 04
Player destroys buildings Arrr! Come and fight me, men to men if you dare!
Ja anger 02
Player closes with an army Whatever happens here today, this day will be remembered!
Ja plead 01
Panicking Oh, mighty Allah, I fear I have failed you.
Ja weak 01
Defeated 1 It's a shame you're not on my side, you fight well.
Ja defeat 01
Defeated 2 There is no dishonour in defeat at your hands.
Ja defeat 02
Requires goods Can you send me supplies?
Ja req 01
Sends goods The goods have been sent.
Ja sent 01
Receives goods Thank you for your goods.
Ja thanks 01
Refuses to supply The goods cannot be sent.
Ja notsent 01
Agrees to attack We attack!
Ja willattack 01
Refuses to attack (casual) No, my ally, I cannot fight with you.
Ja noattack 02
Refuses to attack (besieged) It is not possible for me to attack.
Ja noattack 01
Requests help I need your aid, can you send troops?
Ja need help 01
Sends help Troops are on their way.
Ja helpsent 01
Refuses to help (casual) That would be an error of judgement!
Ja nohelp 02
Refuses to help (besieged) That will not be possible.
Ja nohelp 01
Predicts victory as ally We march on to victory, my friend!
Ja team winning 01
Predicts defeat as ally Disaster flies towards us with increasing speed, my friend!
Ja team losing 01
Kills common enemy Another fool perishes, no one will mourn their passing.
Ja boast 01
Player kills common enemy You fight well!
Ja congrats 01
Falls as ally I have gone to a better place... I leave you to the vultures.
Ja ally death 01
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