Things are going a bit pear shaped, eh what?
— The Marshal, when under siege.

The Marshal, or Sir Longarm in Stronghold, is an AI character in StrongholdStronghold Crusader and Extreme.


Sir Longarm is an aid of the player in Stronghold. He mostly supplies the player with military advices and troops and proves to be a very reliable ally. In Crusader, the recurring Marshal is a retired fighter, who has spent most of his life on the battlefields. He is not the best strategist or economist, but applies some tactics that can pack quite a punch.

He tends to address and instruct his men rather than taunt the player before attacks. He has an eccentric but easy-going personality, a bit like the Sultan or the Emir.

Castles and strategiesEdit

Sir Longarm is a benevolent lord to his people. He is usually very weak starting out, but can eventually become a threat if he has a nearby iron supply and is left alone for long enough.

Longarm's castle management is a well-rounded one, with emphasis on iron production and heavy taxation. Ale and good things provide a huge popularity bonus and weapons manufacturing is potent in the Marshal's economy. Only cheese is produced in vast quantities, but bread and apples are bought in for an additional variety. The Marshal tends to run one of the most extensive economies if left unharmed.

The Marshal's castles are divided in two parts: a narrow passage on the front and a large courtyard in the back with a separating wall line. The passage gives place for the main storages and the front walling with two archer towers, sometimes even having a moat with the good things enclosed. The courtyard on the other hand is merely sealed from two sides with a tower on each end and contains all industry buildings, leaving this place vulnerable to fire.

Sir Longarm attacks mostly the same way as King Phillip: he often sends raids of knights after one another, extending over time to 20-24 knights for the sole purpose of wreaking havoc and demolishing entire economies. His main attack forces are just as organized, using a mixture of light and heavy armor: archers and swordsmen march out with engineers constructing trebuchets, hailing rocks from a distance.

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Dealing with The MarshalEdit

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  • The Marshal does not buy in weapons unlike most other Crusader lords. If the Marshal is out of iron, he will buy in some for his workshops, but due to their placement it is possible for him to end up with only metal armour in his armoury, which can severely hinder his knight and swordsman recruitment.
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