Here are the quotes of the Pig.

Action Quote Sound
Added to roster Muhahahahahahaw!
Pg add player
Removed from roster (squeals)
Pg kick player
Taunt 1 You are pig food! My men will crack your bones!
Pg taunt 03
Taunt 2 Blow the horn, bang the drum! The Pig is coming to town!
Pg taunt 04
Taunt 3 Run away, little chicken! I am going to clip your wings! Muhahahahahaw!
Pg taunt 06
Taunt 4 Stamp, stamp, stamp: that's me on your head. I will crush you!
Pg taunt 07
Deflects player's attack I win, I win, I win! No one beats the Pig!
Pg vict 01
Player's buildings are destroyed This is too easy! Fight harder!
Pg vict 02
Close to victory Pig wins again! Get ready to die... slowly!
Pg vict 03
Defeats player You die, I'll skin you alive! (pants) Myself! Heheheheh!
Pg vict 04
Player deflects attack Aaaaaaargh! I'm mad! I'll smash you to pieces, into little, bitty pieces!
Pg anger 04
Player destroys buildings I will kill you! I will kill you!
Pg anger 02
Player closes with an army Pig not like this. Maybe Pig in trouble?
Pg plead 03
Panicking What's wrong? What's happening to me?
Pg plead 04
Defeated No! No, Pig not die! No! NOOOOO!
Pg plead 01
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