Here are the quotes of The Pig in Stronghold Crusader 2.

Action Quote Sound
Added to roster I'm hungry.
Pi add player
Removed from roster Buah.
Pi kick player
Prepares for siege Don't you worry little chicken, Piggy will take care of ya.
Pi siege 01
Taunt 1 Hehehehe! I'm gonna thump you so hard.
Pi taunt 01
Taunt 2 I'm gonna break every bone in your body: slowly, slowly...
Pi taunt 02
Taunt 3 *sobbing* You killed our da', my poor... daddy. I'll kill you for that.
Pi taunt 03
Taunt 4 Bish, bash, bosh, I'm gonna kill ya! *laughs*
Pi taunt 04
Taunt 5 What time is it? Oh yeah, it's death'o'clock, hehehe.
Pi taunt 05
Taunt 6 Piggy-pig-pig, I'm gonna make a delicious soup out of your brains.
Pi taunt 06
Taunt 7 Who's a chicken over there? Ow, it's you. *laughs*
Pi taunt 07
Taunt 8 You again? Our da' told us bout you, he didn't like ya.
Pi taunt 08
Finishes castle You... you killed my da'. I'll boil ya bones in soup!
Pi extra 01
Deflects player's attack Hehehe! Watch the Pig and learn, my pretty!
Pi vict 01
Player's buildings are destroyed Squish their buildings and steal their food.
Pi vict 02
Close to victory Oh yeah, oh yeah, I am the championnn...
Pi vict 03
Defeats player Hehe! Never turn a bet for the Pig's kitchen...
Pi vict 04
Attack deflected 1 Don't mess with me, don't try it or I'll kill you next time!
Pi anger 01
Attack deflected 2 You annoy me, you are, you're getting me mad, real-real mad!
Pi anger 03
Attack deflected 3 Argh... squish your head I will, flat as a pancake!
Pi anger 04
Player destroys buildings Get off my lovely castle. I'll squish you for that, like a little puppy!
Pi anger 02
Player closes with an army Get away from me, you horrible little turnip!
Pi plead 01
Panicking Pig needs food... badly...
Pi weak 01
Defeated 1 Daadaa...da... help me, daddaa!?
Pi defeat 01
Defeated 2 No, Pig not die no, NOO!!!
Pi defeat 02
Requires goods I need stuff.
Pi req 01
Sends goods Yeah, I'll send it.
Pi sent 01
Receives goods Got the stuff you sent.
Pi thanks 01
Refuses to supply NO! Not send you anythink.
Pi notsent 01
Agrees to attack Yeah! Let's have 'em.
Pi willattack 01
Refuses to attack (casual) Nah, not attacking.
Pi noattack 02
Refuses to attack (besieged) Are you stoopid?
Pi noattack 01
Requests help Help, help, I need help.
Pi need help 01
Sends help My boys are on the way. Hold on, little chicken!
Pi helpsent 01
Refuses to help (casual) Nah, I'm not helpin' you!
Pi nohelp 02
Refuses to help (besieged) Look turnip head, do you think I can help you?
Pi nohelp 01
Predicts victory as ally We're winnin' little chicken, we're winnin'!
Pi team winning 01
Predicts defeat as ally Get fightin'! We're losin' this war!
Pi team losing 01
Kills common enemy Hehehe... you see that? I crushed him proper.
Pi boast 01
Player kills common enemy I do the killin' 'round here, leave 'em to me next time.
Pi congrats 01
Falls as ally I'm dying... I'm dying... daddy...
Pi ally death 01
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