Below found The Pig's detailed strategies in Stronghold Crusader.


The Pig has a decent, yet simple economy. He emphasizes on iron, but he gathers stone and pitch as well. He produces only cheese, but buys apples and bread regularly to have a small variety of food. His two granaries are usually full of food and so his people rarely go hungry. He has average taxes and normally no Fear Factor. Sometimes, he may construct a few gallows for a small production boost. He produces weapons and buys them when lacking.


The Pig brings lots of macemen backed with a few crossbowmen to attack. He likes to construct numerous catapults that fling dead carcasses over the castle walls, and later on he makes battering rams to pound through structures. The number of macemen gradually grows with each attack, and more are brought when they need to carve a path through moat.


The Pig has straightforward rectangular castles with a perimeter low wall. Indeed it is more like a military camp than a castle, and he relies much more on his troops than his walls to defend it. He has square towers on the sides, surrounded by thick, high walls, which station crossbowmen. There is one entrance into the castle, which has killing pits. Pits are also located at stairs and chokepoints. Macemen guard the keep's entrance.

He reacts with a small force of crossbowmen and macemen when under attack. Macemen attack besiegers in huge numbers if the wall is breached.

Interestingly, if he is running out of gold and food and doing very badly, he may destroy his square towers, to regain the stone to sell and buy food for the granary. This can leave the crossbowmen locked inside a square set of stone walls and rendering them completely useless. If you are his ally, you will need to help him by giving him a large amount of stone so he can rebuild his towers. If you are his enemy, of course, the Pig's stupidity of locking his own crossbowmen in makes killing the lord much easier.

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