The Princess is a character and AI opponent in Stronghold Crusader 2.


"The Princess has a tendency to solve her problems by throwing money at them. Her wealthy funds mean that she is able to attack early on, often with a wide range of siege equipment. She takes care of her army and likes to use swordsmen to provide protection for her troops on the battlefield."


The Princess is a European descendant and a proud military leader, who decided to show her might on the battlefields of the Middle East. She shows the sole interest of overcoming her enemies and really enjoys fighting. Further intentions or motives of hers are unknown.


The Princess is a young and cheerful woman, with black hair and blue eyes. She has a convincing outlook, wearing a pink outfit and head wrapping. She has her clothes tailored with numerous pieces of ruby, expressing her high status. She comes off as witty when taunting her opponents, always smiling and waving at them before sending an attack. However, when she is in peril, sadness and utter disappointment quickly appears on her face. She also shows respect to her allies when negotiating them, frequently calling them as "my Lord".

Castles and strategiesEdit

The Princess is a solid player, building rather large castles backed with a small number of troops. She likes mobile armies and thus she is more of an offensive character.

The Princess builds large octagonal castles with thick walling and lots of towers with Arabian bowmen, sometimes with some thin wall buffer segments in the corners. Double gatehouses provide fortified entrances to the castle. The interior is rather large and buildings are scattered around the keep. Her economy is solely reliant on basic weapons and food production, with no focus on heavy taxing or popularity.

Little variety describes the Princess's unit composition: she uses an all-round composition of Arabian bowmen, men-at-arms and swordsmen. Raids of light troops are frequent and come almost in swarms to take down buildings, but a few swordsmen are also bound to come every so often. Siege camps also feature these units, supported by a few catapults and war wolves.


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