My loyal soldiers will this very day lay siege upon our common foe!
— The Queen, notifying upon her attack

The Queen is a Kingmaker AI opponent featured in Stronghold 2's deluxe version.

Appearance and personalityEdit

She is an old, yet strong and sturdy woman. She wears a golden jeweled crown and metal armor and she wields an iron sword.

Little is known of the Queen's personality. She is a persistent and unrelenting woman, who does not halt until she has achieved victory. The Queen has a high authority in royal ranks and uses it as her basis to justify her actions. When threatened, she comes off as snobbish and very sensitive as she tries to defend her positions.

Castles and strategiesEdit

The Queen is a hard opponent to beat. She builds one of the most developed economies, along with using durable and swift troops to gain the upper hand. Her strategies employ a combined-arms approach.


The Queen's castles are usually large, with a huge interior and lots of buildings put inside the castle. Thick wall sections surround the keep, with rolling logs on them. Several towers with defense engines are put in the fore with a large gatehouse, as well as in the back. Swordsmen and archers guard vital sections around the towers and the keep.


As implied, a well-built economy is a trademark of the Queen. She gathers most raw materials, provides all food types for the granary and uses inns and a church to boost popularity. Lots of weapons workshops are also erected for military production and the Lord's kitchen is supplied with three kinds of royal food, topping most other lords in the game.

Unit compositionsEdit

The Queen specializes in a larger pool of units. She combines swift mercenary units with cheaper units from the barracks.


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