Stronghold CrusaderEdit

The Rat is a highly-strung character with little self-confidence and no capacity to hide this fact. His general jittery nature sometimes gives way to short bursts of spasmodic twitching when he speaks. His relationship with the rodent world has left him flea-ridden giving him a tendency to scratch himself furiously. As yet, his voice has not broken and on a few occasions, when threatened, has been known to scream “Eeeak”.

He also hasn't mastered the art of wearing a suit of armour and the visor of the helmet keeps falling down over his head at the most inappropriate times. Some say it's a loose hinge in his bascinet (the kind of helmet he is wearing), other say it's just too large, some might say his face does not fit in well in the helmet.

Stronghold Crusader 2Edit

The Rat is succeeded by one of the his sons (also named Duc de Puce), inheriting his traits. His face is riddled with acnes and rashes, however he speaks in more of a clear, arrogant tone and does not scream or twitch. The Rat's jaws are uneven and his teeth are yellowed, granting him an appearance of a rat.

De Puce wears the same pointy helmet as his father, which keeps its tendency of falling down, particularly when his owner shakes in anger and nervousness. He wears full plated armour at all times.

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