Below are the different strategies against the Rat


There's not too much to mention against the Rat's struggles to attack. A group of missile units (even slingers) handle the spearmen and the archers without problem. Moat can be used instead of the walls to conserve stone.


The same applies to the "siege" force against the Rat. There are many alternatives, the two most common:

  • A small group of swordsmen or assassins may break into the castle, ignoring the defenders.
  • A medium group of horse archers picks off enemy archers, while encircling the fort. Later then, the barracks and market is demolished with area attacks to prevent recruitment. Finally, the drastically weakened Lord can be fired at (without attack here or the horsemen will fire in the same time, minimizing hit chance) until his health is depleted.
  • You can place a small group of archers near his farms and if possible, near his castle. This is a good strategy as the archers will shoot the farmers and any of De Puce's people that are in range.

This can be done at any time, although you should probably wait for the Rat to move his troops out of his castle first (when he is trying to launch an attack) if he is doing particularly well and has over 200 troops in total.

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