Stronghold CrusaderEdit

The Rat's overall skittishness causes him to rapidly look around in different directions when asked for his opinion. When he finally responds, his speech is often splintered with sporadic “errs”, “ums” and twitches from his upper lip to fill in the pauses. To top it all off, the Rat is a poor judge of character, making him easy prey for anyone trying to lure the gullible fool into a trap.

The Rat is however, a character with a sense of humor and has an infectious laugh. He quickly becomes very flustered when under attack. He is not cruel to his workers, but he is quick to criticize his troops when something goes wrong.

Stronghold Crusader 2Edit

De Puce comes off as an arrogant person, who does not tolerate being questioned in his authorities and ranks. He mockingly remarks his enemies' actions and belittles their skills, however all his confidence quickly shatters when threatened.

He noticeably speaks with a more noble-sounding voice, and while he still gets frightened when threatened, he is more confident overall. He is more nasty and dislikable, calling the player a 'peasant' whether an enemy or ally.

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