Action Quote Sound
Added to roster Eeeeek.
Rt add player
Removed from roster Aaaaaarrrrrgh!
Rt kick player
Taunt 1 You impudent upstart! I shall take great delight in dispatching you myself.
Rt taunt 01
Taunt 2 Oh, yes. I bet now you are worried. My imperial troops will soon be upon you.
Rt taunt 02
Taunt 3 Frightened? The glorious forces of de Puce will brush you aside... as I would brush a fly from my arm!
Rt taunt 05
Taunt 4 Aha! I, the mighty de Puce, your nemesis, will soon triumph over your so called 'army'.
Rt taunt 08
Deflects player's attack Ratty wins again, Ratty wins again! Hihihihihihi!
Rt vict 01
Player's buildings are destroyed My plans worked perfectly. You are no match for me!
Rt vict 02
Close to victory I am victorious! And as with you...
Rt vict 03
Defeats player So! My glorious army triumphs again, you are history!
Rt vict 04
Player deflects attack The world has gone crazy! I-I-I I should have destroyed you!
Rt anger 04
Player destroys buildings Aaaaaarrgh! My stupid troops can't... won't... didn't follow my foolproof plan!
Rt anger 01
Player closes with an army No need to panic, Ratty... no need to... panic, stay calm, STAY CALM!
Rt plead 04
Panicking Things are going well, a-aren't they? Yes, erm, I think... I think they must be, eh?
Rt plead 03
Defeated Please, please. Please... don't hurt me, please!
Rt plead 01
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