Action Quote Sound
Added to roster Yeek.
Rt add player2
Removed from roster Yaah...
Rt kick player2
Prepares for siege Regard peasant, I will soon be in command of another castle.
Rt siege 01
Taunt 1 Prepare to get the beating of your life!
Rt taunt2 01
Taunt 2 That's right, you cower in your castle like a pathetic little puppy.
Rt taunt2 02
Taunt 3 The hunt is on, peasant, you'll be dead within the hour.
Rt taunt 03
Taunt 4 The game is over, bumpkin, you are playing with the big boys now.
Rt taunt 04
Taunt 5 This land belongs to my family, upstart. You'll pay for your impudent trespass!
Rt taunt2 05
Taunt 6 Watch my actions, peasant, watch a real soldier in action!
Rt taunt 06
Taunt 7 Stop your whimpering, peasant. You and your toy army better put up some kind of resistance.
Rt taunt 07
Taunt 8 Call that a castle. You really have no idea, do you?
Rt taunt2 08
Finishes castle Our father talked about you, peasant. He was never very complimentary.
Rt extra 01
Deflects player's attack Take that you scoundrel! Ha, yes! Father would be pleased.
Rt vict2 01
Player's buildings are destroyed That was just a taste of what is coming your way, peasant!
Rt vict2 02
Close to victory Victory! I expected nothing less.
Rt vict2 03
Defeats player Aha! Another peasant gets its just reward.
Rt vict2 04
Attack deflected 1 Argh! You'll pay for that, you will play very-very dearly.
Rt anger2 01
Attack deflected 2 You have no right to bear arms against our noble family. Gods but you will pay for your arrogance!
Rt anger 03
Attack deflected 3 I was told, TOLD: victory was assured. How could this be?!
Rt anger2 04
Player destroys buildings Begone from the sight of my castle immediately, you wretched peasant!
Rt anger 02
Player closes with an army Prepare my horse and make ready to leave, erm... just a sensible precaution I think.
Rt plead2 01
Panicking What is happening to our noble family...
Rt weak 01
Defeated 1 Please, oh please, let me live.
Rt defeat 01
Defeated 2 No, please, I'll give you anything: power, money, estates, just don't hurt me.
Rt defeat 02
Requires goods We need the following goods, please send them to us immediately.
Rt req 01
Sends goods Your supplies have been dispatched.
Rt sent 01
Receives goods Your goods have arrived!?
Rt thanks 01
Refuses to supply Do I look like Father Christmas? I will not be sending the goods you asked for.
Rt notsent 01
Agrees to attack Yes, we will attack! You will follow my lead.
Rt willattack 01
Refuses to attack (casual) We will not be attacking today, I have other plans.
Rt noattack 02
Refuses to attack (besieged) I could't possibly attack.
Rt noattack 01
Requests help We need help, peasant, we need it now, do you understand?
Rt need help 01
Sends help Hah, you need me to rescue you, do you?
Rt helpsent 01
Refuses to help (casual) Oh, stop whining, fight your own battles!
Rt nohelp 02
Refuses to help (besieged) Don't be ridiculous...
Rt nohelp 01
Predicts victory as ally We are winning this war! All down to me, of course.
Rt team winning 01
Predicts defeat as ally Well, thanks to your actions, you have doomed our family once again, well done, thank you very much.
Rt team losing 01
Kills common enemy Impressed, peasant, yes I think you are, aren't you?
Rt boast 01
Player kills common enemy You got lucky this time, but be careful peasant, let me do the fighting.
Rt congrats 01
Falls as ally You must continue the fight, without my aid... God have mercy on you!
Rt ally death 01
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