The Rat builds castles in a haphazard pattern. His walls are single-layered (apart from a few cases), house few defenders and his castle plans usually suffer from design flaws, such as outside stairs and not featuring towers. There are single stationary archers on the walls and spearmen patrol the castle in various points. No traps or other means of defense are used.


The Rat's economy is very basic and small, which is barely enough to fund inexpensive troops. Wood and stone are gathered, while only apples are grown for food. Taxes are very low, sometimes allowing for higher funds when granary stocks are abundant. The main source of income is stone. The Rat operates a number of poleturners and fletchers to supply his troops.

Unit compositionsEdit

The Rat uses light troops to harass and launch disorganized attacks right from the outset. He goes as far as sending a handful of units in an attempt to destroy farms, however a very basic defence can repel his siege attempts.

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