The Rat
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Personal Information
Real Name Duc de Puce
Nicknames The Idiot
The Illiterate
The Timid
The Useless
The Nervous
The Hysterical
The Indecisive
The Foolish
Appears on Stronghold Crusader 2
Physical Information
Gender Male
Strategical Information
Difficulty Easy
Melee Troops Conscripts
Ranged Troops Archers
Siege Engines Catapults


The Rat's castles are usually large, featuring loosely placed buildings surrounded with single stone walls and curtain gates, forming large courtyards. A large portion of the defense is assembled on the keep and around the barracks, however sporadic units also stand on the walls. There are no other forms of protection around.


Like his precursor, the Rat's economy is very basic and barely any productive, featuring a limited number of weapons workshops, apple farms and woodcutters along with quarries. He does protect his buildings with wells however. He mainly generates income from taxation and only buys in weapons in small quantities.

Unit compositionsEdit

Duc de Puce is much more aggressive than his father and uses a little bit more tools at his disposal. He uses the most basic barracks units in droves and tosses in siege equipment to assist his rag-tag armies.

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