The Shah's flag flutters proudly today...the lovely green one.
— The Shah, informing his allies about a siege.
Tadj ad-Dawla Alp Arslan al-Akhras
Stronghold Crusader 2 - Meet the Shah

Stronghold Crusader 2 - Meet the Shah

Personal Information
Real Name The Shah
Nicknames The Relaxed
The Melodious
The Artistic
The Fragrant
The Poet
The Sensitive
The Most Reasonable
The Peasant
Appears on Stronghold Crusader 2
Physical Information
Gender Male
Age 50s
Height Tall
Weight Above average
Strategical Information
Difficulty Easy
Melee Troops Arabian swordsmen
Ranged Troops Arabian bowmen
Siege Engines Mantlets


The Shah is an Arabian AI lord in Stronghold Crusader 2.


This Shah may be based on a ruler of the medieval Persian kingdom under the Khwarazmian Dynasty that existed at the time of the Crusades. However this kingdom was too far east to have played a significant role in the Crusades, it is more likely that the Shah is simply a ruler of Persian ancestry, who prefers to use the Persian 'Shah' title rather than Sultan.

Character Edit

The Shah is extremely similar to the Sultan from the first Stronghold Crusader in character, a benevolent lord who despite disliking war has been forced into fighting by more bellicose lords who have encroached into his territory. Like the Sultan, the Shah enjoys writing poetry. Also the Shah, similarly places great importance in making his castle look its best, which he achieves by hanging flags (particularly green ones) and by creating a roof garden with flowers atop his keep.

Castles and StrategiesEdit

The Shah is a balanced character, who is more focused on the offensive. His little variety of units and overall large castles make him an unformidable character.

The Shah has an average economy with lots of farms supported by a few woodcutters and quarries. He does not produce weapons or candles for selling and has no inn or mosque to allow him to impose high taxes so he heavily relies upon industries outside his castle to create money. His food production allows for moderate taxing when prospering.

The Shah's castles are very unique in style and defenses, featuring long wall segments and various towers. Most often single Arabian bowmen guard the walls under the protection of hoardings, as well as scattered barricades on the ground. Most of the castle is enclosed and the buildings are usually swarmed with heavy patrols of Arabian bowmen and Arabian swordsmen. The Shah tends to send swarms of Arabian bowmen, sometimes backed with larger groups of Arabian swordsmen. Siege camp attacks feature both unit types, mostly building catapults and mantlets to provide protection and heavy firepower. The Shah takes a lot of time to form his regular attacks, but they are able to punch through weak defenses without caution.


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