The Slave King
Personal Information
Real Name Unknown
Nicknames The Strong
The Resilient
The Fighter
The Contender
The Warrior
The Rock
The Unyielding
The Gladiator
Appears on Stronghold Crusader 2
Physical Information
Gender Male
Strategical Information
Difficulty Medium
Melee Troops Slaves

Slave drivers
Whirling dervishes (defence only)

Ranged Troops Arabian bowmen
Siege Engines Catapults

The Slave King is an AI character in Stronghold Crusader 2.


The Slave King is a relentless opponent. Right from the outset he will send out his slaves to burn down any buildings to cause as much destruction and panic as possible. His lack of a plan B is his Achilles heel though.

Biography Edit

Little is known about the Slave King. He was a former slave, who now seeks vengeance against his former masters, by using their cruel methods against them. Fueled by hatred, the Slave King, stands up against his oppressors and command a lot of his comrades by the hundreds on his enemies. 


The Slave King has a very fearsome appearance, which is emphasized by the fact that he still bears his shackles as a reminder of his past life as a slave. Despite this, the Slave King speaks with an unusually soft voice, unlike the similarly fearsome looking Caliph and Wolf. Unsurprisingly, considering his history, he often talks of exacting revenge against his enemies, as well as of freedom and justice. He welcomes his allies in his freedom fight and addresses them as "friend".

Castles and strategiesEdit

The Slave King is a rusher opponent: he uses large armies, but 'cheaper' troops, wearing down his adversaries in constant attacks.

The Slave King has a productive economy with wood, stone and iron production, as well as he produces apples and meat. He taxes most of the time to fund his mercenaries and gives higher rations, but he produces no candles, nor ale to boost his popularity. 

The Slave King's castles look like cobwebs with lots of thin walls that need to be broken before access to the keep is enabled. There are several lookout towers with archers in them, however his castle is vulnerable to siege equipment. The castle is surrounded by hidden pitch traps however, which can be ignited by his Arabian bowmen. The Slave King also uses whirling dervishes to defend various locations in his castle, including his keep. The Slave King uses slaves, backed up by slave drivers in abundance to try and burn his enemies' farms, quarries and iron mines. Occasionally these are backed up with moderate groups of Arabian archers. For sieges, the Slave King uses slaves, slave drivers and Arabian bowmen. Engineers will construct several catapults to break through his enemies' walls. His weak units suggest that he cannot likely kill the enemy lord, being more of a disruption than an actual threat.


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