Duc Beauregard is a regal looking gent, who is relatively tall and of slight build. He is the most elegant of your opponents (perhaps along with Saladin) as well as the best dressed, making him the complete opposite of The Pig. His chiseled face is accentuated by a head of slicked back black hair, which thins to a point at the front. Only the grey flecks above his ears and the few grey hairs in his short, well-groomed black beard betray his age.

As well as wearing tight, figure-hugging clothes, which highlight his slim physique, he also decorates himself with a smattering of lightweight jewelry. Unlike the Rat, Pig and Wolf, but in keeping with his own troops, he does not wear armor. This due to the fact that of his lavish riches, he always adorns himself with the finest of clothing, which is not really suitable in fighting, which explains his aggressive yet cheap use of units, which is ironic considering his lavish sense of money. This he shows off by occasionally flaunting a bag of gold to his opponents.

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