The Snake is a subordinate of the usurper Duc Volpe and a landlord of several counties formerly employed by the King. His greedy attitude and extortions led to fights with the Boy's father, who took out one of his eyes in a duel. This induced hatred in Beauregard against him and the Boy's whole family, eventually trapping the soldier and sealing his fate by Volpe killing him with a sword. He is also an advisor of the Rat, to whom he provides military and economic assistance in return for slicing a huge part of his profits.

The Rat contacts the Snake and requires his support after a rebellion sparks and starts contesting his influence. Beauregard tries to ignore the problem at first, calling the Rat for a hunt and even supplying him vague advice, however de Puce's inability to resolve the situation eventually makes him send military aid. As his forces are repelled and the Rat loses counties, Beauregard chooses to back out from his comrade.

The Snake contacts the rebels and proposes an agreement that he supplies them with footmen in exchange for ale. As he fulfills his end of the deal, suddenly he lays claim on one of the Rat's counties and betrays the rebels. Sir Longarm immediately ups the speed and the rebels manage to kill the Rat, then start taking away counties from the Snake, further increasing their power.

Beauregard desperately calls for a truce when he is whittled down to his final county, however his words are ignored. Helpless and vulnerable, the Wolf and the Pig marches to his aid to relieve him. Although the Pig leads attacks, eventually the Boy manages to rise and kill the Snake in his own castle.

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