Action Quote Sound
Added to roster Heheheheheh!
Sn add player
Removed from roster Heh...
Sn kick player
Taunt 1 Ah, yes. It's time to die!
Sn taunt 01
Taunt 2 Still alive? Well, not for much longer.
Sn taunt 04
Taunt 3 Can you hear it, hm? That's your death, drawing near.
Sn taunt 05
Taunt 4 Ah, the little hero. Well, I may have a surprise for you.
Sn taunt 07
Deflects player's attack Oh dear. You seem to have lost, never mind! Why don't you... try again?
Sn vict 01
Player's buildings are destroyed It's over my friend, let's face it. You've lost!
Sn taunt 03
Close to victory Am I victorious? Oh, yes, I am! Heheheheheh!
Sn vict 02
Defeats player Lost again, have we? Maybe you are not up to the job, hm?
Sn vict 03
Player deflects attack Arrghh! You severely try my patience! I will remove you yet!
Sn anger 03
Player destroys buildings Who are YOU to challenge me and my right to rule these lands?
Sn anger 04
Player closes with an army Ah, time to leave.
Sn plead 04
Panicking Oh, I, I, I think, I might just...
Sn plead 03
Defeated Oh, spare me! I wanted only to be your ally, really I did.
Sn plead 01
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