The Sultana is a female character appearing in Stronghold Crusader 2.


"The Sultana is one of the most cunning opponents and she particularly likes to use assassins to relentlessly attack her opponents. She is a good all-rounder who likes the element of surprise, so keep your eyes peeled."


The Sultana is a mysterious Muslim woman, wearing a black veil completely covering her body. She is said to be a widow of a sultan after the Seventh Crusade, who was killed during the skirmish. Thirsty for vengeance, the Sultana stood up against the Crusaders as a freedom fighter and now seeks revenge on "her oppressors".

The Sultana is a benevolent ruler to her own people and is very religious. She is very calm and reserved, however she speaks in a gentle yet cold tone when referring to her father or her enemies. 

Castles and strategiesEdit

The Sultana is a balanced player, who prefers using Arabian mercenaries and build large castles with a simple economy.

Her castles are octagonal in shape, covering a large area with thin walls and several stump towers. The castle is split into two areas, separating candle industry with a mosque and the "civilian" area of houses. Arabian bowmen stand on the walls and the towers, while the main army gathers near the keep, at the mercenary post. Castle defenses are supported by numerous haybale launchers and mangonels, as well as several hoardings. Some healers also provide regeneration in strategic areas.

The small economy of the Sultana is heavily reliant on popularity. Various farms provide a good food variety, as well as an extensive usage of the mosque prove to be a great backup for taxing and funding mercenary units. The Sultana gathers no iron, but lots of stone for constructing her large fortification.

The Sultana favours using only Arabian units, particularly Arabian bowmen and Arabian swordsmen. She mainly uses these two units in castle sieges and attacks, however she also sends assassins frequently to disrupt hostile economies. When preparing for a siege camp assault, she constructs catapults and protective mantlets, and later attacks feature war wagons loaded with Arabian bowmen. 


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  • The Sultana is the first female character to be introduced in the Crusader series.
  • In early versions of the game, the Sultana used no assassins, despite her description (has been fixed).
  • Her castles are very similar in style to the Emir's castles from the first Stronghold Crusader.
  • It is unknown if the Sultana has any relations with the Sultan from Stronghold Crusader.
  • The Sultana is inspired from a historic character named Shajar al-Durr who defended Egypt against The 7th Crusade.[1]


  • The Sultana in a concept art


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