The Templar
Personal Information
Real Name The Templar
Nicknames The Purger
The Righteous
The Rigorous
The Pious
The Iron Brand
The Thorough
The Enforcer
The Cleanser
Appears on Stronghold Crusader 2
Physical Information
Gender Male
Strategical Information
Difficulty Hard
Melee Troops Swordsmen


Ranged Troops Crossbowmen
Siege Engines Catapults


The Templar is a character and AI opponent in Stronghold Crusader 2 downloadable content: The Templar and the Duke.


"The Templar has risen up through the ranks to lead his own Crusade. The Templar builds a strong, well-fortified castle with one of the most complicated in-game economies of any lord. His military style is predictable but tough, favoring crossbowmen, swordsmen and knights. Focused and uncompromising."


The Templar has been a servant and senior commander in rank in the English army of Richard III, where he got to command his own legion under Crusader flag. As he obtained independence, he opted to lead his own crusade for the greater good. Having spent most of his life as a religious soldier, the Templar feels that he is compelled to expel his enemies by the light of God. 


The Templar is a devoted and somewhat aged veteran. He is always seen covered in full military equipment, featuring the traditional Crusader flat-topped helmet and protective chainmail with iron gloves. He also appears to wear a white outfit depicting the English cross, while posing in front of the waving flag of England.

The Templar speaks with harsh voice and condemn of his enemies, often referring to them as "heathens" and "sinners", due to his obvious zealotry towards Christianism. He barely shows any sadness or depression, fiercely holding to his doctrines and principles even when under attack.

Castles and strategiesEdit

The Templar is arguably the slowest character to reach his full potential, even moreso than the Wolf. He is a tough opponent with durable and expensive troops with an extensive economy.

The Templar's castles are rectangular and simple, hosting numerous lookout towers and square towers along the walls. The castle's interior is loaded with lots of industrial buildings and religious services. Crossbowmen guard the borders, as well as the keep is usually swarming with swordsmen. Several tower ballistae are also built to counter siege engines. The Templar emphasizes on bread production and taxes, which come from mostly from religion.

Attack patterns from the Templar resemble the Wolf's, albeit with much less variety in troops and weaponry. Crossbowmen and swordsmen are common sight in raiding parties, marching steadily across the map relying on their durability. Organized siege camp attacks often consist of few troops, even unmounted templar knights well into the lategame. Enemy castles are prone to be bombarded with catapults and trebuchets, often constructed outside range.


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