Here are the quotes of the Wolf.

Action Quote Sound
Added to roster (snarls)
Wf add player
Removed from roster Aaaaaarrrrrgh!
Wf kick player
Taunt 1 Your time on this earth is limited. Time to say your prayers!
Wf taunt 01
Taunt 2 My men approach. You will trouble me no more.
Wf taunt 05
Taunt 3 Soon you will see what it means to wage real warfare!
Wf taunt 06
Taunt 4 I will kill you soon: you and all your vermin!
Wf taunt 02
Deflects player's attack You are weak and not fit to command an army.
Wf vict 02
Player's buildings are destroyed I will tear down your castle... stone by stone, if I have to, but I will have your head!
Wf taunt 04
Close to victory Just like your father before you, you fall before me!
Wf vict 03
Defeats player It gives me great pleasure to announce: you're finished!
Wf vict 04
Player deflects attack Is there no one, who will rid me of your irritating presence?
Wf anger 04
Player destroys buildings Damn you, boy. I will have revenge.
Wf anger 02
Player closes with an army Maybe I have underestimated you a little?
Wf plead 03
Panicking You fight better than your father. I'll give you that.
Wf plead 04
Defeated Kill me now. I will not kneel before you.
Wf plead 01
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