Below found the Wolf's different strategies in Stronghold Crusader.


The Wolf has a very productive economy based on heavy industry. He produces apples and cheese for food and gathers all raw materials. He constructs 6 quarries, numerous iron mines and many pitch rigs. He motivates his people with maximum negative Fear Factor, to greatly boost output. To counter the negative popularity, he gives standardly extra to double rations and produces ale. He also has heavy tax rates and therefore sometimes chapels and churches may be seen to build.

If left for a long enough time, the Wolf can build up vast quantities of gold, allowing him to withstand a siege even more effectively. With this gold, he will buy in weapons, meaning he can build up a large army and attack sooner and more frequently than Emperor Frederick, who has similar troops to the Wolf and a similar defensive stance to him, but does not buy in weapons.


Offense is not the strength of the Wolf. He spends most of his time building up his forces after constructing a proper defense. He won't launch a full scale attack until his troop numbers reach at least 150 in total (and won't send too many men on this first attack as he likes to keep his castle well garrisoned). His troops however do pack a punch when unleashed, despite the reduction in strength assocaited with negative fear factor.

Harassment is common from the Wolf, especially in the very beginning. For counter-attacks he uses Arabian bowmen (spread out in loose formation and difficult to kill) and fast moving horse archers, of which he brings sometimes dozens. He also amasses catapults if he has the finances. He also sends small groups of pikemen to destroy outlying buildings.

The siege forces he brings however, may prove deadly and require a proper defense. These consist of crossbowmenpikemen and swordsmen. More pikemen are brought when the enemy surrounds himself with a moat. His engineers will construct catapultstrebuchets and fire ballistae. He likes diverting his troops to both attack the castle and destroy outside buildings.


For defense duties he employs archers and crossbowmen, sometimes engineers with boiling oil. His castles have massive outposts, thick walls, pitch ditches spread out and killing pits, along with multiple strong towers and defense mangonels. He digs moat with pikemen.

To protect his farms and industries, The Wolf will build small groups of archers and crossbowmen to patrol buildings. When under siege, the Wolf likes to send small groups of pikemen to attack the besieging army and may also use Arabian archers in loose formation against them.

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