Here are the quotes of the thief.

Quotes in Stronghold 2

Action Quote Sound

Where's my target?

You... need a thief?

At your command.

I'll do your bidding.

What's the prize?

Just point the way.

My assignment?

You need me?

No lock will bar me.

I love my work.


The thief moves.

Like a cat.

I tread lightly.

The game is afoot.

Stealing we will go.

I leave.

None will follow me, none will see me.

Watch... and admire!

What's theirs... is yours!

A cunning plan.

Invalid location That's no way in!
Marching That's quite a stroll!
Aggressive stance You lords are crazy!
Defensive stance I'll defend here, if you want.
Stand ground Guard? But... I'm the thief...
Patrolling Well, it will keep me fit, I suppose...
Open formation

Open formation?

Defensive knot I'll stand in a circle.
Column formation A column, thieves!
Line formation Erm... excuse me?
Filling in moat

Are you really serious?

No digging.

Me? Dig the moat?

Manning rock basket What a waste of good thief...
Manning walls I'll pay gold in.
Disband You release me?
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