You guessed it, you are fighting versus 3 of the Pigs. Unfortunately you do not have a big bad Wolf on your side. Your keep is located on the top of a large hill (a common occurance in the campaign) and the 3 Pigs are located in the lowlands below. There are only two entrances to the hill and both are set at either side with your keep in the middle which makes it easier to defend. Grassland is located behind the keep for easy protection of your farms.

You start with 9k gold, but the Pigs start with 120k each. And each of them has 1 barrack dumping out free macemen. They are ultra fast, a major pain in the butt, and they will kill you if you aren't careful. Destroying the barracks producing macemen with your rock volleys should be your number one priority.

As soon as the game starts, build a small castle (ultra small and locate your granary, marketplace, and two houses inside) and use your gold to fill the walls and towers with arab archers. The macemen are really fast and you need to get your walls up quick to slow them down and give your archers time to kill them.

Once your fortress is complete, begin building a horse archer force for mobile fire support. You will need them to fend off the larger attacks. Don't let them get pinned against any terrain features or the macemen will slaughter them.

Keep defending yourself and building up your horse archer force until you have destoryed the barracks with your rock volleys. Stay disciplined with your "power ups" but you may be forced to use the arrow volleys to weaken some of the groups of attacking macemen, which can be quite large.

As soon as all the barracks are destoryed, enlarge your horse archer force to about 150 and train about 80 assassins. Use the horse archers to kill the wall defenders and use the arrow volleys to quickly eliminate heavy concentrations of crossbowmen, which can rip apart horse archers if you aren't careful.

In the early stages, it will be difficult to acquire stone since the Pigs can easily threaten it with archers and macemen. Do not fear if your stone quarries are destroyed. With careful husbanding of resources you can buy all the stone you need.

Estimated time for victory: 53 minutes

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