General Information
Available in Stronghold 2
Usage Garrisonable defensive structure
Cost 40 stone (lookout)

60 stone (bastion)
100 stone (square)
120 stone (round)
180 stone (great)


Stone towers can be built anywhere independently on the map. They feature their own stairs, which are accessible from the bottom or the middle level (and as a result, from walls as well). Garrisoning units atop a tower gain height and range advantage, while enemy projectiles only inflict part of their damage. Braziers can also be placed on a tower, further improving the combat capabilities of archers.

Towers can be damaged with rocks and tunnel mines. On critically low health, the tower crumbles, with all of its units flying off in every direction. Engineers may also undermine the foundation of a tower, which also results in heavy damage or collapse. Fire ballistae can also shoot off units with their line attacks.

Towers can be repaired to full health, just like gatehouses. The repair cost is proportional to damage dealt, with the unit being a rock from the catapult.


Lookout TowerEdit

Tall square tower, which is the smallest tower in the game. It provides excellent ranged advantage, but has very low health, making it particularly fragile. Unlike other towers, its entrance is located on the rough corner rather than a side. It costs 40 stone to build.


Sturdy round tower, which is considerably cheap to build. It has a wide enough upper level to host a mangonel or ballista, as well as it has an arrowslit to provide protection for a ranged unit on its middle level. It costs 60 stone to build.

Square TowerEdit

A taller variant of the lookout tower. It is very stable and can house a defense engine, but only a limited number of units. Optionally, it can be outfitted with a hoarding to provide a buffer against fire ballistae, at the cost of not being able to host engines, for 20 wood. It costs 100 stone to build.

Round TowerEdit

A massive structure that is the direct upgrade to the bastion. It can host an additional mangonel or ballista beyond its garrison, as well as it has arrowslits for 2 ranged units in the middle level. It is very reliable against siege equipment, as well as it can be outfitted with a hoarding for 20 wood. It costs 120 stone to build.

Great TowerEdit

The grandest of all towers. It has the most health, as well as it takes up the biggest area of all and can host a very big number of units in addition to a defense engine. It can reliably withstand tunnel attacks and comes with 4 arrowslits. It costs 180 stone to build.

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