General Information
Available in Stronghold Crusader 2
Usage Garrisonable defensive structure
Cost 70/60 stone (small)

90/100 stone (medium)
180/220 stone (grand)


Stone towers can be built anywhere independently on the map, in the player's starting estate. They are only accessible from the middle level, if a wall or stairs is connected next to it. Garrisoning units atop a tower gain height and range advantage, while enemy projectiles also have a tendency to miss. Braziers can also be placed on a tower, further improving the combat capabilities of archers and Arabian bowmen.

Towers can be damaged with rocks and melee attacks. When running out of health, the tower crumbles, with all of its units flying off in every direction and dying.

Towers can be repaired by the use of the repair tool, just like gatehouses and walls. The repair cost is proporional to damage repaired, where each use restores 25% health and costs 25% of the original cost.

Depending on the starting faction, the player can construct a selection of distinct European or Arab towers. Arab towers are somewhat cheaper and come in round shape, while they bear inferior durability. European towers are square-shaped and withstand more punishment, but they can house less units on their rooftops.


Lookout/Watch TowerEdit

Tall and massable tower that also takes up little space. It is the tallest of all towers, but it can only host a handful of units so these towers are best built in batches. The lookout tower is somewhat taller than the watch tower. It costs 70 and 60 stone to build, respectively.

Stump/Medium TowerEdit

Medium tower that can house a sizeable group of units. It is sturdy and cheap enough to build in numbers. It provides good ranged advantage and it can withstand considerable punishment. It costs 90 and 100 stone to build, respectively.

Grand TowerEdit

A massive and high-sized structure. Around 30-35 units can scale it, as well as it is the strongest tower at a player's disposal. Crusader grand towers are a bit taller and bigger in size. It also has a very large rooftop and can take a lot of damage from any attacks. It costs 180 and 220 stone to build, respectively.


  • Stairs can also be connected next to a tower, in which case a wall segment is added automatically to provide connection.

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