General Information
Available in Stronghold Legends
Usage Garrisonable defensive structure
Cost 40 stone (basic)

80 stone (lookout)
120 stone (engine)


Stone towers can be built anywhere independently on the map, in the player's starting estate. They are accessible from adjacent walls only. Garrisoning units atop a tower gain height and range advantage, while enemy projectiles only inflict part of their damage. Braziers can also be placed on a tower, further improving the combat capabilities of archers.

Towers can be damaged with rocks and bashes from dwarves, polar bears and frost giants. On critically low health, the tower crumbles, with all of its units flying off in every direction. Fire ballistae can also shoot off units with their line attacks, as well as bats can with their suicide blasts.

Towers can be repaired to full health, just like gatehouses. The repair cost is proportional to damage dealt, with the unit being a rock from the catapult.


Basic TowerEdit

Tall, but sturdy tower. It provides excellent ranged advantage, but has very low health compared to other towers. It can host a small number of units on its top. It costs 40 stone to build.

Lookout TowerEdit

Very tall tower that can house a group of units. It is sturdy and cheap enough to build in numbers. It provides the best ranged advantage in the game. It costs 80 stone to build.

Engine TowerEdit

A massive medium-sized structure that is large enough to house a dragon harpoon on the top of it. It also has a very large upper level and can take a lot of punishment. It costs 120 stone to build.


  • Evil lookout towers have a much higher central spike, making it slightly more useful than other lookout tower types.

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