This is the transcript for the second Stronghold 3 mission, A Bend in the River.


The Wolf: They escaped. I sent my men after them, but they found horses and rode as fast as they could.

The Jackal spoke to me, tall between his legs. "They escaped..." - he said. - "... but the castle is rubble." He said that they fled along the riverbank. I sent my spies to find them.

They tell me that there are scattered troops there: gangs of peasants playing at being soldiers, who would attempt to defy me. They tell me that the Boy is working with them, they try to cut my armies off, to stop them destroying more of this accursed country.

My spies ask me if they should attack? End it all now? Kill him? I tell them to wait for my army to arrive: I don't want to lose this fight, not after waiting for so long. I tell them that I want to see him suffer.

Storyteller: The world is turned upside down. Enemy troops roam unchallenged across the whole of the south and their scouts are everywhere. You must pause to regroup and to try and get word of the others still loyal to the King. Build a temporary base in this bend in the river and rest until you are strong enough to move on.


Scribe: Well met my liege, I am glad to have found you! Some of our men made good their escape, but they are scattered around the countryside. Our main task here is to build up some supplies, but we should also raise some new troops and look for our lost soldiers.

Stronghold 3 Military Transcripts
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