This is the transcript for the fifth Stronghold mission, Between a Rock and a Hard Place.


Storyteller: You continue to chase the retreating survivors deep into the next county, only to lose them in fog by nightfall. Meanwhile...

(At the enemy castle...)

Duc de Puce: They have taken out... half a dozen patrols and are actually invading one of my counties. What... am I... supposed to do now?

Duc Beauregard: Stay calm de Puce, any rebel militia worth their salt fled abroad seasons ago. Your men can take care of a few sniveling outlaws. Why not come deer hunting with me to take your mind off things?

Duc de Puce: but they're only a stone's throw away from here. I have to do 'something'!

Duc Beauregard: Simply send a small siege force to sever their source of escape.

Duc de Puce: That's easy for you to say!

Duc Beauregard: Relax. By the time we return from our hunting trip, the problem will have resolved itself. Trust me.

Storyteller: Your scouts report that you are trapped without enough supplies to continue or enough troops to fight your way back. Your only chance is to make your stand here. They have found a strong defensive position on an island in a broad river, and one of your lieutenants has already started building a base. The land around the river is very fertile, use it to grow some wheat.


Storyteller: Fortunately you have surived the assault and as luck would have it, taken control of another county. No sooner has the dust of battle settled than a dispatch arrives summoning you back. You are certain the Lord will be plased with your progress.

(At the rebel headquarters...)

Lord Woolsack: You damned fool! What in God's name did you think you were doing?

Sir Longarm: Well, to be fair, it was I who gave the order to scout further.

Lord Woolsack: Yes, yes, yes, but not even you would be stupid enough to authorize an all-out attack on de Puce!

Storyteller: Meanwhile, the Rat receives news of the loss of his county.

(At the enemy castle...)

Duc de Puce: I can't believe it! My troops have scattered all over the place, there's nothing I can do. I've lose the county!

Duc Beauregard: Show some backbone, my contingency plan is already in motion. You'll have your county back soon enough. Trust me!

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