This is the transcript for the seventh Stronghold mission, Breaking the Siege.


Jester: (singing...)

I have a tale from days long gone,

of the scrawny Rat who told a lie,

the rebels saw his plans undone,

and arrows rained down from on high.

Run, run was his soldiers wail,

as death from above continued to hail,

for the Rat, for the Rat, the end is nigh,

on his knees for mercy we'll hear him cry...

Storyteller: As bards throughout the land do their level best to undermine the Rat's authority and with Lord Woolsack's judgement questioned, Sir Longarm takes the lead. You soon receive word that the nervous Lord Manikin has dared take up arms against the enemy alongside you.

(At the enemy castle...)

Duc Volpe: De Puce! You need to take care of Lord Manikin. If just one lord rises, they will all rise.

Duc de Puce: Well, er... I have to reclaim my counties first, and um... I still haven't got enough troops so er... I was waiting for reinforcements from -

Duc Volpe: Enough! Lay siege to Lord Manikin's county, or I'll string you up.

Duc de Puce: (gasps)

(At the rebel headquarters...)

Sir Longarm: In return for you service, I hereby promote you to commander of all rebel troops. You have earned nothing less. Your first urgent task will be to lend aid to Lord Manikin, until the siege on his keep has been lifted. Lord Manikin is under siege, and it is vital to our cause that his county does not fall. Land by boat with a company of spearmen and command his garrison to victory. Success here may well spark uprisings from some of the other counties.


Scribe: The castle is under attack! Quickly, get the men to the walls!


Duc Beauregard: I must say that I am imperially impressed with your military achievements. I have often toyed with the idea of taking on that pathetic little Rat myself, and I feel certain we can come to a mutually beneficial agreement.

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